India Through Rivers

In order to promote the awareness and involvement of people, INRIVER is launching see India through rivers. The schedules are as follows

  1. Rishikesh to Patna in river Ganga
  2. Patna to Hugli in river Ganga
  3. Maheshwar to Jabalpur in river Narmada
  4. South India River
  5. River in Goa

Round Table Discussions

INRIVERS is planning to host a Round Table Discussion, where eminent personalities, experts, authorities and other stakeholders are going exchange ideas and plans to proceed with river restoration and rejuvenation plans. The round table discussion dates & venue is yet to be finalized.

One Million Pledge Campaign

In order to spread awareness and participation in the river restoration, INRIVER will start ONE MILLION PLEDGE CAMPAIGN. A Pledge to stop pollution to rivers and participate in restoration of rivers is launched.

Kavi Sammelan at River Bank

INRIVER is planning to host series of Kavi Sammelan with focus on rivers in india. The date and venue is yet to be finalized.

Recent Video

Ganga River

An Introduction to the Holy River Ganga


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Varanashi Ganga Ghat