About Us

INRIVERS is an initiative by believers in power of nature, who believe that flowing water symbolizes life in eternity.

At INRIVERS, we are committed to salvage the pride and purity of Indian Rivers. We believe rivers in India could make invaluable contribution in social, economical and environmental aspects of Indian Society. Rivers in India flow with mythological stories capturing cultural heritage giving a historical prospective of India from ancient times. INRIVERS is committed to explore and restore this flow of history.

Our Goal

  • Restore, promote and preserve rivers in India
  • Introduce internationally validated processes and systems in maintenance of rivers
  • Promote social awareness and inspire future generation for safe utilization of rivers
  • Establishment of Institutes, forums, bodies for advance working on management practices of river restoration
  • Promote recreational and other activities involving rivers
  • Develop and implement processes and systems to preserve the bio diversity of rivers